All About MEWZ-lee!!

All About MEWZ-lee!!

5 FAQ’s about Muesli

We understand the pain of gain. Binge eating is the foremost reason for gaining weight. Almost 2.8 million people in the US are affected by this disorder. But, what if we say there is something nutritious and natural, making your appetite satisfied for a long time helping you not binge eating the next time.

Trust us; it's a superfood full of essential nutrients. It's a rich source of antioxidants and protein. If you're lazy with workouts but want to be hale and hearty, Muesli is a must grab on food to stay fit.   

Being a healthy enthusiast and prospecting how your journey of staying fit can be a little merrier with Muesli, we've compiled a list of 5 FAQs about Muesli. 

What is Muesli?

MEWZ-lee; is an oatmeal dish. Physician Maximilian Bircher Benner originated it in Switzerland. It is a mixture of nuts, seeds, rolled oats and dried fruits. When you think about low sugar, consider Muesli as there's no sugar. It's nutty, toasty, chewy and truly satiating--a food that can keep you loaded for hours.

When to eat Muesli?

Muesli can be chosen for the most important meal of the day, i.e. breakfast. The first meal of the day is when our body requires an abundance of carbohydrates and a source to keep the energy levels high. Also, it has fewer calories than a breakfast sandwich, i.e. 151 calories. 

Why Muesli for weight loss?

Muesli is a healthy blend with fibre and protein in high amounts along with zero cholesterol. Opting for a bowl of Muesli with yogurt, fresh fruits, or skimmed milk helps you feel energetic. It's a one-dish meal which makes this Muesli an ideal choice amongst health-conscious people.

Who can consume Muesli?

People looking for a healthier alternative than cereals, heart patients in a race to control cholesterol, and fitness freaks who want to stay fit should add Muesli to their diet. Daily intake of Muesli will give a healthy dose of fibre, potassium, vitamin C, E, B-12, and more. 

Where can I buy Muesli?

A nutritious treat with a pleasant flavor can be bought online or offline. When buying Muesli to avail of the benefits it holds, always look for Muesli, i.e. raw, no baked and with no preservatives. You can buy Muesli on Yummsy. Whether it's Muesli, granola bar, laddu or peanut butter, all products manufacture products with an innate nutritional value and taste.

Muesli in a nutshell!

Choose Muesli for your well-being. Muesli not only aids weight loss but strengthens your immune system and manages blood pressure. With Muesli, you can tick mark your boxes for a healthy weekday breakfast without any worries. And, to entice your taste buds, add ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom or cinnamon). To snack on Muesli, visit yummy today.


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