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Granola bars with muesli cereal for weight loss.

Granola bars with muesli cereal for weight loss

There is a common saying, ‘the cardiologist’s diet: if it tastes good, spit it out.’ Well, for many, this can be true, but anyone who had the taste of granola bars with muesli cereal will tell you differently. It is one fantastic food that not only gives you energy but also bolsters the weight loss process. So, if you are looking for ways to stay healthy and reduce your weight while enjoying snacking during the day, try granola bars with muesli.                                                                                                                             

Both the words Granola and Garnula are trademarked during the late 19th century in the US. The original formation was that the food contained whole grain products crumbled and then baked until crispy.

Over time variations were done; now, granola combines rolled oats, dried nuts, and fruit. These are baked with a binder, which could be honey, maple syrup, or brown sugar. The ingredients are baked together until they are golden brown and form crunchy clumps. The bars are made using the same procedure by shaping them into bars.

Granola Bars and Weight Loss

Low-fat ready to eat granola bars made with muesli are an amazing alternative to your junk food that is loaded with multi nutrients, cereals, and rich in vitamin C, iron, and protein. The fiber inherent in this item helps you stay full for a longer time while boosting your weight loss.

Numerous studies have shown that muesli is one superfood that does wonders to a person who consumes it. A study published in 2018, journal ‘Nutrition’  stated that people who increase fiber intake could boost weight loss without changing their overall diet much. Since muesli has raw oats and grains, a rich source of fibre, it helps with weight loss. 

Why granola bars with muesli cereal for weight loss?

Granola bars with muesli are filled with vitamin B, which enhances metabolism, converting the food into energy. The complex energy that the food has helps you to stay filled, making you less hungry while working on your fat to reduce it.

Hence, when muesli cereal is made into granola bars, and you eat them when hungry, you welcome the natural weight loss process without sacrificing your taste buds. 

To make your weight loss journey easy, enjoy the tasty and wide variety of granola bars with muesli from Yummsy whenever you are hungry without worrying about gaining weight. You can also check our blog on the five ways to eat granola muesli to help with your weight loss.

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    Looks delicious! thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe, i will try it with my True Elements Muesli

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