Guilt-free snack!

Guilt-free snack!

Irrespective of which website you visit and look for, whether it can be had as a guilt-free snack, you will mostly find the answer is yes. Also, there have been several studies that showed the benefits of having granola.

So, while people mainly consume it as a breakfast cereal, which is made primarily of rolled oats, with nuts, seeds, dry fruits added to it, new recipes are being formed to make it a healthy snack.  As, most people in the west are making granola muffins, parfait, and other sweet dishes.

Even NDTV Food listed granola bars as one of the five healthy snacks that you can munch on without any guilt. So being an Indian, we like to put a twist to these granola bars and make it into a guilt-free sweet for any day and any occasion. So it is our Granola Laddu.  

Why Have Granola Laddu?

Just to refresh, let’s consider the benefits that granola itself has on our overall health. Of course, we already know it has high nutritional value and dietary fibre source that helps prevent some chronic diseases.

So, when you eat or serve granola laddu to your loved ones during an occasion, you are taking care of their health by ensuring the following:

Improve Digestion

The abundance of dietary fibre boosts peristaltic motion and improves bowel movement. In simple words, it moves the food easily along the intestine as it boosts muscle movement; hence there is better production of digestive juices. So, anyone who has constipation symptoms can eat this without any worry. Moreover, it does not have the side effects that besan, boondi, or motichur laddu has.

Prevents Anemia

Most Indian women and girls suffer from anemia, a metabolic condition of low iron content in the blood. The deficiency leads to fatigue, headaches, and even depression and cognitive issues if left untreated. But it can be taken care of easily if one consumes granola laddu. It tastes good, and 100 gm of granola can give 2.95 mg of iron, which can easily battle the anemia.

Maintains Cholesterol Level 

Often, a person having cholesterol issues is wary about having a laddu, even though it tastes so good. But you can easily eat a granola laddu because it will maintain your cholesterol level by boosting the healthy HDL cholesterol and reducing the LDL cholesterol. The food eventually relieves the strain from the cardiovascular system and the propensity for arterial congestion.

Weight Loss

Whenever we have sweets, we think of how much we will gain due to it. However, the worry can stop right now with granola laddu. The light yet filling nature of the food reduces the ghrelin, which causes us to feel hungry, thus preventing us from eating more laddus.

So, why wait anymore? Order your Yummy Granola Laddu today and eat your sweet guilt-free granola laddu while boosting your overall health and immune system.

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