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Is Weight Loss Possible with Peanut Butter?

Many fitness freaks are in a dilemma whether peanut butter will make them fatten or help them lose weight. While on the other hand, many cross it off the list when preparing a weight loss diet chart. But, when it’s about losing weight and eating healthy, having skeptical thoughts is not the right thing. One should not sacrifice peanut butter or any other favorite food before knowing the nutrient value. The importance of nutrient value can neither be overstated nor understated. 

Talking about peanuts, they are high in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, including fiber. It is also true a type of monounsaturated fat healthy in nature and known by the name of Oleic acid serves enormous health benefits.  

Is Peanut Butter Good for Weight Loss?

The consumption of 2 tbsp (32 g) is almost 188 calories. The calorific value may sound like it will make you fatten. But, various researches have been done that demonstrate the perks of consuming peanut butter.

A study from the Harvard School of Public Health states that regular intake of peanut butter and nuts twice a week helped in less weight gain. The study depict that peanut butter consumed in a limited quantity, say 2 tbsp or 100 grams, helps lose weight. Eating peanut butter in any form helps in feeling fuller for a long. It makes one feel less desire to eat, which results in effective weight loss. This is because of the availability of rich fats and proteins in peanuts. 

With a high calorific value, it is a good source of balanced energy. An intake of peanut butter helps your body get Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat. It is a good source of protein, and it also has essential methionine and amino acid. 


5 ways to add the deliciousness of peanut butter to diet:

Peanut butter consumed in the below-mentioned ways will help you keep your diet on track. Follow these for a healthy appetite. 

#1 A tablespoon of peanut butter into yogurt 

#2 Eat celery stalks or dip apples into peanut butter

# 3 Spread the creamy peanut butter on popcorn or rice cakes

# 4 Mix peanut butter into a bowl of oats

# 5 Apply peanut butter on a multi-grain bread slice


Final Words from Yummysy!

As a tip, pick peanut butter made with zero refined sugar and with natural sweetness. Also, when you are on a journey to shedding pounds, don’t forget to enjoy the yummy food as there are many gluten-free foods available online. Now losing weight is not a catch-22. Also, stopping the consumption of peanut butter is not required. As the crux of the matter is solved, consuming peanut butter in limited quantity is all acceptable.


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