Top 5 ways to eat granola muesli.

Top 5 ways to eat granola muesli.

Top 5 ways to eat granola muesli.

A good breakfast is the start of a good day - what better way to do that than having a bowl of muesli. Granola mueslihelps you improve your heart health, cognitive function, decrease your heart risks, and boost your energy.

WebMD reported the wide range of benefits that consuming granola muesli offers, some of them are:

  • It is a slow burner, thus leaving you energized for a more extended period.
  • You stay full for a more extended period because of the whole grain and fiber it has
  • Better nutritional value since it is paired with dry fruits and nuts

Compared to regular cereals, even granola muesli with a higher sugar content level offers more benefits to your body. So, it’s time you enjoy this incredible Swiss and the US mix of food in five different ways. You can also check our blog on how granola bars with muesli cereal can boost weight loss.

#1 Bowl of raw granola muesli

Let’s start with the basics; many people like to eat raw granola muesli. It is easy to carry and munch on them anytime, whether for breakfast, lunch, or a snack.

If you find the raw granola muesli too dry for your taste after munching it for a while, there is another option. Find a bowl, add hot or cold milk, let it soak for a while, and eat it. You can also have it by mixing yogurt with it.

#2 As a topping

Do you like crunch in your food and also have a sweet tooth? If the answer is yes, granola muesli is perfect to act as your topping. You can add them to your smoothies, shakes, fruit parfait, and even yogurt parfait. They add the crunch to your healthy dish. This method of consumption is perfect for beginners who need to acquire the taste of granola muesli. 

#3 No-bake muesli & peanut butter bars

If you want to enjoy the benefits of granola muesli but you are lactose intolerant or have them as a snack anywhere anytime, this is the easy and perfect tasty recipe for you. All you need to do is sauté some oats for a few minutes, then in a bowl, add the muesli with peanut butter and jaggery. Now shape them into bars and refrigerate them and let them sit for an hour before enjoying them.

#4 Stuck onto apple slices

You can enjoy a different way of eating the granola muesli by adding them to the peanut butter on each apple slice. On top of it, sprinkle the granola muesli. If you want to add extra sweetness to it, add some honey to it and have it for breakfast or a snack. 

#5 As Indian Chaat

Tired of having granola muesli as a sweet dish, here is a variation: 

  1. Chop potato, cucumber, onion, and add some sprouts of your liking in a bowl.
  2. Add granola muesli and chaat masala, chili powder, squeeze lime, and add green chutney (optional).
  3. Mix all of these and enjoy the tangy and healthy snack.

Switch to granola muesli as an alternative to your regular breakfast cereals or unhealthy snacking option. With Yummly’s granola muesli, you will be providing your body with a rich source of protein, vitamins, and energy to live a healthy life.


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