Yummsy Granola Muesli!

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Yummsy Granola Muesli

Yummsy Granola Muesli is our healthy take on most breakfast cereals. To be honest, we set ourselves up for a big challenge. These cereals had some kind of preservatives and lots of added refined sugar. We wanted our muesli breakfast to be wholesome, nutritious at the same time flavoursome.

With months of feedback from friends and family and testing out 25 different combinations of ingredients, we finally decided to come up with our range of 'granola' mueslis.

What makes Yummsy Granola Muesli special, you may ask? Let's start with the ingredients. We use generous amounts of almonds, raisins and three types of seeds- Flax, Pumpkin & Sun Flower, making it rich in protein and fibre. They provide crunch and texture to the muesli. Then we add gluten-free oats and pop amaranth (also known as rajgira or ramdana) which is considered to be as the Super Food of India for generation. Pop amaranth has been part of our Indian culture for many years and we were very excited to be able to add this to our muesli.

Our muesli’s taste is real & organic and since its raw and not baked at high temperature, it keeps the nutrients from the ingredients intact without losing any original flavour. Our peanut paste is rich and stone grounded and helps all flavours come together. We end with a drizzle of raw honey to add natural sweetness to the muesli.

Stay healthy and make Yummsy Granola Muesli your next breakfast choice.

Key ingredients and benefits of Yummsy Granola Muesli?

  1. Almonds and Raisins: While almonds are rich in anti-oxidants, raisins, the little ‘golden droplets’, are loaded with many vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, and vitamin C that boost the immune system and help fight off infections.
  2. Seeds: The three seeds (Flax, Pumpkin & Sunflower) combination gives you best of vitamins and minerals like Omega-3 fats, Vit B6, magnesium and zinc.
  3. Gluten-free Oats: They are rich in anti-oxidant and helps to improve blood sugar control. Also, they are filling and helps in losing weight.
  4. Pop Amarnath: Also known as Ramdana, this super food of India is high in protein and fibre and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Peanut Paste: They keep your cholesterol levels in check and keeps the heart in good shape.
  6. Raw Honey: Helps improve cholesterol levels and lower triglycerides.
  7. All of our Yummsy's Muesli products come in an earth- friendly glass jars for easy recycle.

All in all, Yummsy Granola Muesli is great to build immunity, is filling to the stomach, high in protein, fibre and antioxidants and keeps your cholesterol in check.

How to enjoy  Yummsy Granola Muesli  ?

  1. Instant breakfast: Add one serving of muesli with curd/milk/fruit-juice in a bowl and Voilà! Its ready!
  2. Shakes & smoothies: Add in your shakes and smoothies for enhancing the taste & nutritional value.
  3. Toppings: Sprinkle some on your salad, ice-cream, yogurt or juice to give you the nutty flavours and get the micro-nutrients.
  4. Gifting: Sharing is caring - Healthy gifting

Yummsy Granola Muesli - Nutritional Content

Serving suggestion: 50g per serving with Milk or Yogurt.

NET WT. Jar - 350g. Shelf Life: 180 days.

NET WT. Refill Pack - 350g. Shelf Life: 180 days.

Approx. Value per 50g of serving-

Protein: 10.09

Added sugar: ZERO

Natural Sugar- 13.6

Dietary Fibre: 4.10

Calories: 243

Our Philosophy:

Yummsy, at its core, believes that food should be nutritious, wholesome and balanced. All our products- mueslis, laddus, bars and nut butters are prepared with proven age-old techniques. We strongly feel that food should be prepared without losing its intrinsic nutrition value and taste. With this thought, all our products are no bake and unprocessed keeping the true taste intact. All our products have no refined sugar, no added preservatives and all the sweetness is natural.

We hope you love having them as much as we do making them.

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