1. Are all the products organic and vegan?


Ans:  We strive to use organic ingredients in Yummsy products, wherever possible, and these are identified on the packaging. The use of honey in all of our products means that they do not meet the strict criteria for vegan products.


2.          Is it gluten free? if yes, what about the oats?

Ans:   Yummsy products do not contain gluten-producing grains like wheat, barley, rye or their by-products and we only use certified gluten-free oats. 


3.           Your nutritional facts on the back of the packaging indicate that the products contain sugar.  Why, then, does your package say ‘NO ADDED SUGAR’ ?

Ans: The key word is “added”. Added sugars are sugars and syrups that are added to foods or beverages when they are processed or prepared. Naturally occurring sugars of core ingredients such as those in fruit or milk are not added sugars. All of our products are sweetened using  wild honey and dried fruits like raisins, which contain naturally occurring sugars.  The sugar content of Yummsy products comes only from core ingredients and is not added later to impact upon the taste of the product.


4.           Are Yummsy products fried or baked with oil?

Ans: No, nothing is fried or baked in oil in  Yummsy  products.


5.           Why does package say “No Baked” ?

Ans:  The ingredients used in Yummsy products are of high nutritional value in their natural forms. We believe that baking or cooking the ingredients will impact  their nutritional value and so we use the ingredients  in their original form when making our  products. 


6.           Why are your products not crunchy like the other brands?

Ans:  We don’t bake or cook any of our products so that they  retain their natural nutritional values. As a result,  the extra crunchy texture found in other brands is lessened. 


7.           Compared to other brands, why is your product pricier?

Ans:  We believe in quality rather than quantity, and all our products are handmade and hand-packed. Our products are not mass produced. 


8.            What sort of ingredients are used in making Yummsy products?

Ans: We take very seriously the selection of ingredients for Yummsy products. All of our products are made using 100% natural ingredients with no artificial flavourings or sweeteners.  Only nutritionally dense ingredients like whole grain, seeds, dried fruits, honey, nuts, and dried berries are used. We believe that these make the perfectly balanced diet to snack on.

9.            Is Yummsy kid friendly?

Ans: Yes, our products contain only 100% natural ingredients and meet the dietary requirements of all age groups.  We use only honey and natural fruits to sweeten our products unlike many commercially-produced candy bars which are high in added sugar. 


10.          Why is Yummsy Muesli in a glass jar ?

Ans:  At Yummsy we support sustainability.  We try our best not to harm the environment and recyclable glass jars not only keep our product fresh but deliver it to you in a re-usable, recyclable package.